Hey Guys You know "Avatar: the last air bender" well... There's a lost episode that was stated to come above in 2010 the episode's name was "annng: teh lasst eir bindeer". I found the tape after bumping into a intern who looked scared and had a face of malice on his face, When I was about to ask him "What's wrong?" He ran past me! Why me? I saw a tape on the floor I picked it up and dusted it off and took it to the viewing room... Everyone looked at me. "Ok guys the boss left me a tape of a new episode wanna watch?" They nodded their heads and I inserted the tape. The episode began with Aang the avatar going down to the kitchen of a bungalow. In this episode, he found a chest; he looked at it for a moment before opening it. A monster that could only have come from a Horror story popped out. It filled Aang's mouth with its tentacles until it was entirely inside the air bender's body. Aang stood up, his body covered in goo and his face deformed. The image was burned in my mind and will never leave. He began to speak in a gibberish language "Ont itee nece" it translated to "Is it nice?" Aang walked out of the little house like a zombie until he got to Sokka. Aang's tongue came out; it stuck to Sokka's head and started sucking. After a while, Sokka fell down and Aang walked up to him. The tentacles jumped out of the air bender's body, and into the man's changing him into an equally horrible form. Sokka spoke "thak annng it nece" Aang answered "yeh it nece" then they went to see katara and began to suck on her and suck and suck... Until the tentacles jumped out of the man's, and into katara's. Changing her into a horrible ugly nasty form. "Me nece fear you" then the tape ended and ejected itself. The boss walked in, "soo itee nece" we answer back "yeh itee nece bu coud useed wor".